1/20 GIANTS @ green bay - The game time forecast calls for sub-zero wind chills and temperatures to match, and after watching The Washed Up Veteran Quarterback shrivel up and get blown away on a chilly, wind-swept lakefront Sunday not so many weeks ago, in a game they needed at the time to have a chance to secure a home game today oddly enough, I am going on record:

*Like the Bears, the Giants defensive front will pressure The Washed Up Veteran Quarterback, forcing him to throw before he wants to, and that will be worth at least two picks and mostly inaccurate throws.

*Like the Bears, who played both games against this overrated opponent without their Pro Bowl cornerback of a year ago, the Giants will enter this contest with an injury-depleted secondary. Doesn't matter; see the comment about line pressure.

*Unlike the Bears, who started different backups in each of their games, the Giants actually have a starting quarterback, one who recently has looked like he is coming into his own. A solid game at the controls is all the Bears needed to shred the cheese defense, a point Eli Manning would do well to remember on the biggest stage of his career (so far).

Prediction: Giants 27 green bay 10.

And the provincial fans of the urine stained pants who allegedly respect the traditions of the NFL and see the league title as their birthright will be long gone, huddled over a steaming cup of beef bullion in their huts while the pageantry of the Halas trophy presentation unfolds to a mostly empty house on the pre-soiled, frozen tundra, where something else also steams.