To me, a Victory is either (i) coming out ahead in a close, hard fought duel against an equal foe, (ii) upsetting a superior opponent, (iii) pasting a lackey in all phases of the game for the entire game, or (iv) on the road.


A "W" is escaping a lackey on your own turf by virtue of a couple plays that could have gone the other way while being played pretty evenly or their even outplaying you in some phases.


To wit:


3rd Down efficiency:     KC 5/16 31%  Bears 3/13 23%

Turnovers:                    KC 3 lost 2      Bears 3 lost 3

Total Yards:                 KC 421           Bears 444





Keep Hester off offense. Don't care if he whines. He's a decoy waiting to get hurt by a cheap shot or watch Wrecks get him killed over the middle once. Hester 172 yards yesterday. Rest of Team 272 yards. It doesn't matter if Hester scores, but if this offense starts every series from their own 20, we’re in trouble.


People say if Griese could play he would be playing. What I saw of Griese in the pre-season, and I don't care when they say it was against third stringers, shows he's got a stronger arm, tighter throws, and better footwork. These are three individual strengths useful against any opponent. While Rex may occasionally perfectly float one of his floaters into the arms of an actual living and breathing Bear receiver or lineman, most of his throws are floaters that either miss completely or allow the defender to catch up. He throws floaters because he's short and can't laser rocket passes over outstretched linemen. Officially, Griese is 2 inches taller and if my mother stood us up to the closet door and marked it, it's probably 3.5 inches. Makes a difference. Let him play a quarter and let's at least see.